Your walls will ultimately be touched every single day. In fact, your kids would just love to draw on them and keep proof of their creative self. As we have gone through a tough a tough time- the COVID 19 pandemic, it has become necessary to think in a different way. Covid made us feel what we were doing wrong all this time. While we cared to wash our hands, we never really cared to disinfect the things we touch. Covid made us realize the importance of keeping all the thing around us clean and hygienic.

Wall and hygiene

The parts of the walls that are heavily touched can carry a good number of bacteria. But you cannot actually wipe or spray your walls. Doing this will destroy the shine off the walls and these might lose the beauty over time. But ceramic wall tiles are much different. You can wipe them and they will still look the same after a long time. These are also stain-resistant making it perfect for the walls that are severely touched on a daily basis. Enjoy a cleaner and safer home with wall ceramic tiles (กระเบื้องผนัง, term in Thai) and keep everyone in the home safer.

Perfect for bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen walls are more prone to stains. It is not possible to clean them every day. We choose a deep cleaning once in a few months. In fact, we sometimes go too harsh on these tiles while cleaning with all the brushing and chemical cleaners. These products and wrong technique can easily cause damage to the tiles. But ceramic can stand it all- all the cleaners and brushing as well. As these tiles are stain-resistant, the stains come off easily as well. It will require less amount of time to keep your bathroom and kitchen wall clean and well-maintained.

Durability and low maintenance

Being low on maintenance is one of the most important things that have made ceramics one of the most loves types of tiles. You are not required to use any specific type of cleaning products. These durable tiles can tolerate all cleaners and won’t lose their beauty easily. Even if you clean them after months, these will remain equally beautiful. The durability of the tiles is enviable as these can easily stand the humidity in the bathroom, kitchen and balcony. Though these places get exposed to humidity, ceramic won’t get damaged. If you choose glazed tiles, these come with another layer of protection making it even more durable and suitable.


If you have a big home to cover, ceramic is one of the best choices. Covering larger area with tiles will require more investment into the project. Ceramics can bring you both affordability along with quality. It is perfect for people trying to pull a project withing a low budget. You will have to spend less money while not making any compromise with quality. Durability, style, beauty and long life with come along with ceramic tiles and that too at a lesser amount.

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