Termite infestation is pretty common in houses that have plenty of woodwork. Termite infestations often go undetected unless extensive damage has already taken place. However, there are sure telltale signs that you can use to identify if there are termites present in your home. Since termites eat the wood inside, it may be hard to identify the infestation. Therefore, if you suspect a termite infestation, you should seek help on termite infestation as soon as possible.

Signs That You Have a Termite Infestation

· Presence of Mud Tubes On The Wall.

The subterranean termites tend to build their shelter using debris, dirt, and mud. You will find these tubes on interior and exterior walls that lead to the entry sections of the building. These shelters are used for traveling to and from the food stores.

· Insects Swarmers

If you notice the presence of discarded wings on floors and windowsills, there is a chance that your house has a termite swarmer infestation. You may also see identical disembodied wings. Most often, after termites find their mating partners, they quickly disappear, but the disembodied wings are a definitive indicator of a termite swarm. You should immediately seek help on termite infestation if you see such signs.

· Papery Sounding Timber

Termites tend to eat the wood from the inner sections. Therefore, a thin layer of paint and wood is left as a byproduct. If you tap or knock on a region that termites have damaged, it will sound papery or follow since the inner sections of the world have been eaten up.

· Opening Doors Or Windows Can Become Challenging.

Termites create a protective shell that is responsible for trapping moisture and heat. It makes it very difficult for humans to easily open windows and doors. If the doors and windows have been infested, they will be harder to open because of the swelling and the excrement.

· Termite Droppings

Once termites have consumed word, the termites belonging to the dry wood species would leave behind grainy and brown coloured faecal matter. These fecal matters are generally present underneath the wood interested in termites.

· Damage To Floors

Termites are extremely capable of destroying laminate flooring along with skirting boards that surround the flooring. If you check the subfloor section, you will notice termite activity. The flooring regions that have been affected may start to sag and blister.

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