Our home is the place where we love to get back. A student runs to home to enjoy a snack and playtime. A tiring job goes finds peace and relaxation in the home. A person who stays at home takes care of it to keep it in a good shape and make it welcoming for everyone. All the efforts might just seem not to be enough as someone trips as they enter you place.

Especially kids and elderly people having mobility issues are the ones who are more at a risk. The level of all rooms and parts of the house is not necessarily same unless you plan it that way. The threshold can cause some serious injury when a kid trips while running or an elderly person fails to lift the legs to proper height. It becomes an issue on a daily basis and it requires to be addressed. Threshold ramps are a convention and efficient option to enable people walk freely around a place without the fear of tripping and injury.

It is the best for mobility device users

Mobility devices including wheelchairs are easy to use on plain surfaces. But it requires strength and push to cross the threshold. People who move in wheelchairs by themselves find it tough to cross the threshold. A ramp makes it easier to move it easily as it creates a slope.

Avoid the risk of tripping

Tripping accidents can happen to anyone. But it is more likely to happen with people with mobility issues and running kids. Elderly people might get badly hurt if they trip as they have lack of balance, strength and mobility. An aluminum threshold ramp provides a plain surface to walk on which helps them stay safer. It is one of the most important things if they stay all along for a long period of time.

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