Wood is considered the most elegant of all materials regarding architectural and decking ideas. If you have completed a wood finishing in your home, office, or other public places, it stands out as mastery. What then if the wood is no ordinary kind, but Ipe. It would accentuate the remarkable qualities of the naturally occurring material with a distinct touch of class. It is even better than teak and denser to last a very long time. Ipe wood is generally used outdoors, although you may also use the same for indoor flooring and furniture. 

It is the densest among all woods and, therefore, termite and pest free and is pretty heavy. It is why ipe wood decking is the most popular application for highly durable natural wood. You can find its various strengths as detailed in the following paragraphs. 

Common Uses of Ipe Lumber

The most common usage of ipe lumber is weathered ipe decking, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, marinas, bridge building projects, etc. It is mostly seen in large to small outdoor structures like Shelters, Docks, Trellises, Pergolas, Fencing, etc., where it is conspicuous to the general public as it carries great beauty when used this way. 

It is most sought after for building decks, and you can easily contact the authentic ipe decking near me to get your original ipe wood. It is eco-friendly and can withstand wet areas well. However, you need to contact a reliable supplier for your Ipe wood as only a fully matured tree wood will give you durability and finish. Ipe wood takes about 30 years to reach maturity, and for high-quality wood, you may browse buyipedirect.com/ to place your order. 

Buying Ipe wood is cheaper as ipe decking cost is low in the long run and is almost the same as other synthetic types. Its strength makes the wood stable in heat or cold, so it doesn’t expand or contract. Further, Ipe wood is splinter resistant and resists scrapes and gouges. 

Initial Cost of Decking

As stated earlier, the upfront cost of ipe decking boards may be a bit higher, yet in the long run, you stand to gain as the wood lasts for a long time. The initial cost of building a new deck may look higher as you would need to design and take permits, besides purchasing other accessories like footers, framing materials, labor charges, stairs, railings, etc. 

But all this is possible if you choose an authentic supplier with complete knowledge about Ipe wood, including the quality that helps it maintain ‘A class Fire Rating. You may also get some great wood decking ideas from the supplier and special discounts on ipe decking prices if you purchase large quantities. 

Lastly, you will find the rich chocolaty brown stunning in appearance, and the wood comes in several ranges between light browns and dark browns. And the shade does not fade despite long uses, and your supplier may furnish some good photos so you can design accordingly. 

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