There are plenty of interests that have been generated for various renewable energy sources and therefore many people have started taking a lot of interest in buying solar panels. One can also get federal support e.g. offering tax benefits and various incentives from the suppliers.

There is a number of solar companies in Washington available whose addresses can be found from the directory provided in SolarForYourHouse, so before you buy any solar panel you must know what are the various types of solar panel are available in the market?

The following are the 4 different solar panel types that you can get.

1. Monocrystalline solar panels

Such solar panel types are made out of a certain crystal that is made of single pure silicon, which is cut into a number of wafers. As they will be made out of pure silicon, hence they can be identified readily by looking at their color, which is dark black color.

2. Polycrystalline solar panels

These panels come from many different silicon crystals. The silicon fragments will be melted and then poured into a certain square mold. Since there will be no wastage hence these polycrystalline cells are more affordable.

3. Passivated emitter and also rear cell panels

These are improved versions of the monocrystalline cell. Relatively, this new technology can add a certain passivation layer in a rear surface of your cell that can enhance efficiency in many different ways.

4. Thin-film solar panels

These panels will be characterized by fine layers that will be sufficiently thin to be flexible. Here each panel will not require any frame backing, therefore it will make them lighter so that installation will be easier.

Unlike any crystalline silicon panels, which are available in standardized sizes like 60, 72, 96-cell counts, these thin-film panels will be available in different sizes for suiting specific needs. They are, however, less efficient as compared to the typical variety of silicon solar panels.

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