If you are planning to buy a home, but still negotiating on which type of home to invest in, then you can think about looking into townhouses. Townhouses, popularly known as row houses are multi-story homes, with a shared wall with another house. These often come under Home Owners’ Association (HOA).

Townhouses Are Aesthetically Appealing

Townhouses come with state-of-the-art technology with modern designs and layouts. There is no wastage of space and plenty of natural lighting. You even get your basement and parking space. You can even customize your home based on your requirement.

If you have recently shifted to Bangkok and are looking for a townhome (ทาวน์โฮม, this is the term in Thai), then you can take the help of experts like Homestay headquartered in Nonthaburi, Thailand. Their team of professionals will help you find the ideal home based on your requirements and budget. You can even go onto their website and check the reviews shared by the company and get a better insight into the property you wish to invest in.

When compared to other cities, townhouses in Bangkok can be got at economical rates. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford a single-family home, then townhouses are the perfect choice for you. Many companies even offer to rent out townhouses that can be a feasible solution, if you plan to live in Bangkok for a few years.

Secondly, many of these townhouses are located in quiet neighbourhoods wherein you can enjoy privacy. Hospitals, public transport, schools, and convenience stores are also within walking distance, thereby saving you time on commuting.

Due to its modern layout and design, you can even rent out your home and make a profit from it. It also increases the resell value of your property. Many of the townhouses depending on the builder you use also come with smart technology which means they are energy efficient.

Popularity of Townhouses

The real estate industry is booming day in and day out in Bangkok. When compared to the pre-pandemic property rates, you can get luxurious townhouses way below the original market price now. This is the reason, why many people are investing in Bangkok properties and renting them out for personal or commercial purposes.

When compared to other types of homes, townhouses are gaining a lot of popularity amongst buyers. The reason being:

  • These are easier to maintain
  • Lawns are smaller, so you need not spend a day mowing lawns
  • Parking lots and exterior walls maintenance is the responsibility of the HOA
  • You need not have to worry about thefts as you have neighbouring houses surrounding your home
  • The ownership of townhouses and the land they invested in lies with the owner
  • You have plenty of free space to relax and enjoy
  • Many townhouses come with common amenities like swimming pools, and gyms
  • Some even come with fancy upgrades like hardwood floors, green landscaping, and granite countertops


Townhouses are the perfect choice if you are looking for less maintenance budget-friendly home. It is always better to finalize your locality, learn about the neighbourhood, and then search for townhouses in those areas.

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