So if you plan to build a three-story building, you need stairs to reach the 1st floor. Now it depends totally upon you what type of stairs you want. Now stairs can be of different shapes and made of different materials. Now there is also the possibility to customize your stairs to adjust with the corners, which will look stylish by enhancing the interiors of the rooms.

What Type Of Stairs Is Customizable?

So Bespoke Stairs are custom-made and can be designed according to the customer’s choice. It is a work of art which enhances the beauty and elegance. So if you are planning for this type of stairs, you need to have that much space so that it can be used easily. The stairs can be made up of different materials, like,

  • Oak
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Pine

So only you need to consult an expert to fulfil your desire. Now oak or pine give the stairs a classy and sophisticated look. So there is a team at the backend who will understand your wish to build this stair and will act efficiently by sending expertise to your doorstep. Now glass stairs also look delightful and add an extra shine to the room. But it would be best if you practised climbing those stairs; otherwise, you will get hurt also, don’t try to drop anything on it as cracks can appear.


Bespoke Stairs can be customized easily in small apartments with limited space. It would be best if you had an idea of the space and could call an interior designer to help you build it. Spiral or floating stairs are also possible; only you must keep safety in mind. Bespoke stairs can be designed with non-slip treads, handrails, and other safety features to minimize the risk of slip and fall.


In older homes, these stairs take a lot of work to install. Also, it only goes with the look if you change the interiors. It goes well with new houses as the architect can calculate the space needed for these stairs. So a professional team is there that has the catalogue of home decor. So they can provide precise analysis of how the stairs can be structured at your place, enhancing the beauty of your rooms and your personal style for making a bold statement in your house through those stairs.

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