It can be bothersome to wake up in the morning and not have hot water before taking a shower or when your household is just completely out of hot water. This can be even more so when the weather is cold, like in the winter seasons. 

Anyone residing in Florida knows that the state typically experiences one of the mildest winters in the Continental United States, the cold temperature should not be disregarded and a water heater Punta Gorda FL installation is recommended.

Many benefits come with installing a water heater in your home. Homeowners usually consider installing water heaters in their homes for the comfort of feeling warm during the winter season or when cooking meals. 

Additionally, some water heaters have energy-efficient and cost-effective options. It will cost a lot on the initial purchase, but it can reduce your electricity bill on the years that follow.

Installing a water heater in your home can be time consuming. It is also quite a difficult task to do on your own, even with the help of family members or friends. That is why, it is essential to consider Florida plumbing services or hiring a professional to install it for you. 

With that said, there are water heater code violations that many homeowners may still not know about. Below are some of the major reasons of code violations:

  • According to the International Code Council (ICC), if a drain pan was not previously installed there is no need to add one when replacing it, but it is a violation not to add one if you previously had a drain pan. Install a drain pan underneath your water heater if it is in a basement or any other location in your home that may cause leaking and damages.
  • Sediment traps prevent any debris in the gas line from entering and harming your water heater’s gas valve. The sediment trap should be installed downstream of the shutoff valve and near the inlet as possible. Skipping on a sediment trap is a code violation. 
  • Gas and propane water heaters generate carbon monoxide when use at your home, so it is a violation of the code to adjust them in the prohibited areas of your home such as bedrooms as well as bathrooms. 
  • If you are residing in an earthquake-prone area, it is a code violation not to install earthquake straps on your water heater to endure horizontal forces equal to one-third of your unit’s operational weight. This implies that if an earthquake occurs, your water heater should be secured so that the natural catastrophe does not harm it. 
  • It is a code violation if the water pressure in your home frequently exceeds 80 PSI (pounds per square inch) and you do not have a pressure regulator to help you lower your water pressure to safer levels. 


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